What’s install for 2018 for your marketing?

Nuvision Media created over 300 3D models which brings our total to over 1000 world wide.  Thats over 9 million impressions and over 1.1 Million unique visitors.  Our 520 Google photos and Virtual Tours (see inside business view) has helped businesses be seen on google over 500,000 times.  What are you doing in 2018 to help you stand out and be noticed?

By now, the Virtual Reality has marked its presence everywhere, from gaming to social media, hospitals and retail industry to classrooms, offices and malls. One can imagine its impact by the fact that VR market will exceed $40 billion by 2020. That’s just figures. The immersive VR is gaining momentum. VR is, hands down, the most promising technology and there’s no second thought, it is going to stir the technological market.

These new virtual reality trends are highly anticipated and are all set to change the way we conduct our day to day proceedings.

Real time shopping with VR

Shop for your favorite apparels and accessories, online, with the privilege of trying it before you buy it. That’s VR for you! The retail space is all set to experience radical changes thanks to VR. Alibaba recently introduced real time shopping with its new initiative BUY+ with 30,000 registered users. The numbers quickly escalated to 8 million and it’s not hard to guess how!

Boom in social activities

With Facebook already starting the 360 degrees photos and videos on feeds, VR is slowly and steadily seeping into our social media too. Engaging your customers with your products has now changed dramatically.  You can now invite them in from the other side of the country and experience what you have to offer!


Augmented Reality.  This year specifically to Nuvision Media we are launching an app that will be expected to change the way certain markets do things. With an inclusion of an AR function in a later version we are set to be pioneering again into a market that needs a push!  Standby for more info.

VR in Advertising

With VR being the growing trend, it is time your brand too stays updated with the latest trends. The future of marketing and advertising is VR. Think of the benefits of VR and contact us to know how it can leverage your business.  It is now more affordable, time frames are incredibly fast to deliver and easy for the end user to drive!

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