Caravans, super yachts, business lounges and high end properties…..some of us only have brief encounters with these luxury items but now due to VR anyone can be a part of this world as long as you are wearing a set of VR goggles. It is now more affordable for everyone to access.

To navigate in a VR space goggle-wearing users swivel their heads to view the immersive surroundings. By focussing your eyes on a small target in the space you can move to the next area or room. Its completely driven by the wearer so the feeling of freedom is experienced….as though you are physically moving around the space.

Nuvision Media are one of the first companies to now offer customers this VR service in order to enhance their marketing campaigns and provide them a better service for their clients. Some of our customers within the corporate world are now using us to create VR experiences to view airport lounges, function rooms, hotels and places of interest to scope out travel arrangements and locations for management. We are also creating VR for agents for residential properties (for when their clients can’t attend open homes) and for caravan, RV and yacht companies (for when dealerships are unable to physically showcase all the latest models).

VR is not only the future but is here right now…. for everyone.


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