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There is a saying that ‘you never get a second chance at making a first impression’ and the tourism industry is one area that this is definitely the case. In an industry that is as competitive as the hotel and resort sector, making your business stand out from the rest is of the utmost importance, because as we know, an empty room is not going to pay your staff or cover your overheads. With an increase in booking websites showcasing hundreds, if not thousands, of accommodation options, your digital introduction is the point where you will either inspire consumers or cause them to look elsewhere.

One of the most inspiring ways to engage with your next potential guest is to provide a 3D virtual tour of the rooms and facilities that are available, providing the opportunity for them to literally ‘get a feel’ for the place. While 2D photography can provide the opportunity for consumers to view some aspects of the space, they are limited by the photographer who took the photos and what they deemed as important. The advantage of having a 3D virtual showcase is that it allows the potential customer to view aspects of the room that could possibly have been overlooked in a 2D presentation of what is available. This puts the power into their hands, which allows consumers to make informed choices based on their own assessment of the space which often leads to a greater chance of them making the booking.

3D Virtual Tours

To boost bookings for your hotel or resort you need to put your potential guests into the space, and entice them by assisting them to actually see themselves relaxing in one of your exotic bungalows or luxuriating on your king size bed. Placing them into the picture inspires engagement and connection with the product you are offering, with a virtual reality tour being the most innovative way to let the accommodation speak for itself. Studies conducted on the effectiveness of virtual tours have shown that websites that include a 360 degree panoramic tour are viewed 5-10 times longer than those without, which increases the likelihood of potential guests making a booking. The Carlson Hotel Group, found that a 360 degree virtual tour will increase online revenue by up to 135% by instilling trust for consumers in the booking experience.

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