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Living with an Eating Disorder (ED) can be an overwhelming and confusing time for both the sufferer and family/carers. It is often very hard for the family/carer to understand the dynamics that fuel the eating disorder, and equally difficult for the person with the eating disorder to explain what problems or needs the eating disorder behaviours are trying to express.

This situation requires an empathetic, individualised approach to treatment where family, connection and community collaboration are key to eradicating the eating disorder and reinstating a healthy self. The endED support network aims to nurture a community where ED becomes a stranger and your loved ones return to their healthy self. Through family/carer and recovery groups, peer support and lived experience mentoring, coaching, community awareness initiatives, educational and holistic programs, the goal of endED is to be in a position to provide a solid support network for all people affected by ED – the sufferer and the family/carers. endED aligns with national and international eating disorder associations and organisations to ensure that the latest information and best practice is available to help you navigate the road to recovery. There is hope.
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