Jessica Watson travelled around the globe alone on a 33.5′ yacht, sailing non-stop unassisted and without mooring to any port or any other boat. She did all this to break the world record for a full solo circumnavigation. Jessica was 16 when she started this incredible journey which tested not only her physical strength, but also her emotional endurance. The only part of that story for me is that I have completed a circumnavigation but I did it on a 164′ ketch Perini Navi, which are arguably the most prestigious sailing yachts of today.

Welcome to the Super Yacht industry.

The story may not have any correlation to the attached link, but understanding a sailor’s journey and the challenges they face allows us to appreciate yachts as not only a simple vessel for carrying infrastructure and supplies, but also as carriers of people and their behaviours and emotions. Nuvision Media has their own ‘Jessica’ Watson who’s capturing all of YPI’s luxury charter yachts. The company saw Nuvision Media’s virtual marketing solutions as an ideal way to showcase their fleet for potential charters and boat sales. While these are not the 33.5′ yachts Jessica Watson sailed, some of them do cater for that size to be mounted as tenders on their foredecks!

Well done Jessica Mielloux (director Nuvision Media France) for this great article.


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